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Cup Coffee Long Black

Black coffee at Cup Coffee
Black coffee at Cup Coffee

It has taken me ages to get around to writing this. One of my friends has been telling me for ages to check out Cup Coffee. The cafe is in West End on Russell Street, just a short walk from Vulture Street. With a high roof and a large open roller door, the cafe looks like it was built out of an old workshop. A gentrified old workshop, with seats, coffee machines and some interesting robot themed artwork on one wall.

Cup Coffee roasts their own beans, and not just for their own use. According to their website they supply about nine other cafes. They produce blends and single origins, available through their own cafe and their business customers. Us normal people can buy their coffee either at the cafe or online via their site.

Cup Coffee Menu
Cup Coffee Menu

The cafe itself sells coffee, unsurprisingly, and a limited range of food. The coffee itself is good, some of the best I have had in Brisbane. They certainly didn’t do anything wrong when they made it, and the bean’s flavours were obvious. Though like a lot of other cafes, the single origins offered seemed to tend towards fruity.


  • Good Coffee
  • Not a lot of choice for food
  • Roast beans, and seem to do a good job

Cup Coffee
Phone: 07 3846 3746
85 Russell Street
West End 4101

Jam Jar Coffee and Beer

A Long Black at Jam Jar
A Long Black at Jam Jar

Jam Jar faces the street with a small foyer, with a counter and a reservation book. You walk through to the back to find a semi-outdoor setting with a collection of different kinds of tables and chairs set up under cover. The space looks like the back of a workers’ cottage, filled with too much furniture, but in a good way. The walls both inside and out the back are covered in art, and actually do make Jam Jar a really unique space.

My coffee came out fast, and it was OK. On just the long black, Jam Jar would be unremarkable. But Jam Jar does more than coffee. They also do food. Very good, and very interesting food. Actually, go look at their menu right now, it’s worth it.

I followed the coffee up with a Mountain Goat Hightail, and along with the nibbles, it made for a great afternoon. Jam Jar is somewhere different, great for a long drawn out lunch, and seems to be more of a beer and food destination than just a cafe.


  • Coffee is OK
  • Food is better
  • Goes well with beer
  • Nice art

Jam Jar
138 Boundary st
West End
ph: 07 38443395


Eros Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee at Eros
Greek Coffee at Eros

I have never thought about how hard it is to get a coffee late on a Sunday. Having spent most of my life in Brisbane, it just was not something I thought about. It was a friend from Finland (he is also doing a blog on Brisbane) who brought it up on the weekend, as we struggled to find somewhere to hang out in West End on a Sunday afternoon.

After a few closing and closed cafes, we ended up at Eros, a neat little cafe that also did Greek sweets and Greek coffee. We ordered a long black with cold milk on the side for Joona, and a medium Greek coffee (1:1 sugar to coffee, apparently) for me.

It was cosy inside, with a continuous bench and some tables and chairs up against the wall, opposite the counter, so we ended up outside where there was more space for sketch pads, phones and the coffees when they came. The coffee was good, and the price was right, and seated outside, it had the Boundary Street feel.

It was just a shame it was a Sunday afternoon, as it meant we never got to try the cakes. By the time we were through the first round of coffee, they were already closing.

76 Boundary Street, West End 4101