A Long Black at Jam Jar

Jam Jar Coffee and Beer

A Long Black at Jam Jar
A Long Black at Jam Jar

Jam Jar faces the street with a small foyer, with a counter and a reservation book. You walk through to the back to find a semi-outdoor setting with a collection of different kinds of tables and chairs set up under cover. The space looks like the back of a workers’ cottage, filled with too much furniture, but in a good way. The walls both inside and out the back are covered in art, and actually do make Jam Jar a really unique space.

My coffee came out fast, and it was OK. On just the long black, Jam Jar would be unremarkable. But Jam Jar does more than coffee. They also do food. Very good, and very interesting food. Actually, go look at their menu right now, it’s worth it.

I followed the coffee up with a Mountain Goat Hightail, and along with the nibbles, it made for a great afternoon. Jam Jar is somewhere different, great for a long drawn out lunch, and seems to be more of a beer and food destination than just a cafe.


  • Coffee is OK
  • Food is better
  • Goes well with beer
  • Nice art

Jam Jar
138 Boundary st
West End
ph: 07 38443395


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