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Long black at Platform 6

Platform 6 breakfast
Platform 6 breakfast

So a series of events involving an early Saturday, a slip in technique at the gym the previous week and misjudged travel time left me in the trendy suburb of Teneriffe with over an hour to kill. Fortunately, I was able to find a cafe. After walking past one that had too many cyclists and cbd products that did not have comfortable looking seats, I found Platform 6, a small restaurant on Vernon Terrace.

And a toasted sandwich

It was a nice cafe, with inviting seating and convenient location. $3.50 for a long black did not seem that bad, and I went as far as ordering a toasted sandwich too. It eventually arrived sometime after the coffee. I did not pay attention to how long after, I was too busy reading.

And the point

It was nice, and all up, it came to $10 in total. They have their own 100% Arabic blend that has a strong flavor. Platform 6 is not just a cafe; it is more of a food and wine bar that just happens to be open in the morning too. For a weekend coffee in the morning, it does the job, and is a nice place to sit and kill time.

Long Black at a Coffee Club

Coffee Club Long Black
Coffee Club Long Black

Anyone who lives in Australia, especially Brisbane, has probably seen a Coffee Club. For those that haven’t, it is a chain cafe that was started here in Brisbane that has not built its business on adding sugary crap to coffee.

The other weekend one of my aunts was up from Sydney, so we all went out to the same place my Dad goes to every time we do this. I found myself at the Racecourse Road Coffee Club, Ascot. I eventually made my way through two long blacks and their big breakfast.

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Personally I have found that their coffee is not the best, but it is generally consistent across their stores, and the food is fairly decent. I ended up having their huge breakfast. I was a little disappointed when I was not allowed to swap the eggs, which I don’t eat, for something that I did. Usually, I can do this.