Long Black at a Coffee Club

Coffee Club Long Black
Coffee Club Long Black

Anyone who lives in Australia, especially Brisbane, has probably seen a Coffee Club. For those that haven’t, it is a chain cafe that was started here in Brisbane that has not built its business on adding sugary crap to coffee.

The other weekend one of my aunts was up from Sydney, so we all went out to the same place my Dad goes to every time we do this. I found myself at the Racecourse Road Coffee Club, Ascot. I eventually made my way through two long blacks and their big breakfast.

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Personally I have found that their coffee is not the best, but it is generally consistent across their stores, and the food is fairly decent. I ended up having their huge breakfast. I was a little disappointed when I was not allowed to swap the eggs, which I don’t eat, for something that I did. Usually, I can do this.

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8 thoughts on “Long Black at a Coffee Club”

  1. I remember working for The Coffee Club about 10 years ago and back then they used to do a Long Black through a single shot group head with no added water. Would just pack the group and turn it on until the cup was full. Awful. Things may have changed by now though.

    1. Fortunately it wasn’t that bad. It was not that great either though, and does not compare well to a lot of the other places that I have been to. I was surprised that they were so insistent that I should have the eggs. It was like being a kid again.

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