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Long black at Platform 6

Platform 6 breakfast
Platform 6 breakfast

So a series of events involving an early Saturday, a slip in technique at the gym the previous week and misjudged travel time left me in the trendy suburb of Teneriffe with over an hour to kill. Fortunately, I was able to find a cafe. After walking past one that had too many cyclists and cbd products that did not have comfortable looking seats, I found Platform 6, a small restaurant on Vernon Terrace.

And a toasted sandwich

It was a nice cafe, with inviting seating and convenient location. $3.50 for a long black did not seem that bad, and I went as far as ordering a toasted sandwich too. It eventually arrived sometime after the coffee. I did not pay attention to how long after, I was too busy reading.

And the point

It was nice, and all up, it came to $10 in total. They have their own 100% Arabic blend that has a strong flavor. Platform 6 is not just a cafe; it is more of a food and wine bar that just happens to be open in the morning too. For a weekend coffee in the morning, it does the job, and is a nice place to sit and kill time.

Long black at Gallery Cafe

It should not be as hard as it is to find a place that makes a chicken sandwich with a decent amount of chicken on it. Unfortunatly it is. Gallery Cafe does make a decent chicken sandwich. Their coffee is not much to talk about, and they are typical of most other cafes based in Westfield Chermside shopping centre.

The cafe is located opposite Borders, just outside of David jones, and has some of the oddest and least comfortable clear plastic chairs.