Sirianni’s for coffee & breakfast

Sirianni's for breakfast
Sirianni's for breakfast

A few blocks away from Brunswick street there is a shopping and apartment complex called Emporium. According to their website, there are “…over 35 specialty retailers, restaurants and cafes and parking…”. They might be lying about the parking though.

I end up going to a cafe called Sirianni’s there most sundays to meet up with one of my sisters. It is actually a rather large deli with a wide range of stuff, but mostly, I am there for breakfast, specifically, the Emporium breakfast. For not too much, you get a pile of bacon, tomato, hash browns, eggs, sausages, mushrooms and some toast. For the area it is fairly well priced for the quality and the quantity. The coffee is good too, though for me, I am mainly there for the breakfast.

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