Breakfast at Spoon

Spoon at James Street Market
Spoon at James Street Market

Spoon does make coffee and they do serve breakfast, but there are better places to get the latter. The food is not too bad in itself, however it is overpriced for what you get. With a range of other good cafes within a few minutes’ walk, there is no reason to eat at Spoon.


The deli section looked interesting, though no better than a suburban specialist store, or a boutique market like Farmer Joe’s in Kedron. The product range was as large as the space allowed and focused on smaller items such as chocolates and snacks. The coffee was largely unremarkable aside from its lack of flavour.

What’s there

If you shop in the James Street Market and you have parked nearby, it is worth getting a coffee there simply for convenience, but for breakfast you can do a lot better elsewhere.

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