Strong long black from Retro Espresso

Retro Espresso takeaway coffee
Retro Espresso takeaway coffee

If you travel near Edinburgh Castle Road in Wavell Heights on the way to work, Retro Espresso is a great place to grab a long black. On Friday each week I drop in and grab a strong regular long black that can usually see me through until lunch time. Assuming I do not get bored and make another just to break up the morning. They use Segafredo beans and make a strong coffee.

On the weekends Retro espresso is a popular morning destination. The café attracts both people cluttering the side of the road with their cars, and a significant number of dog walkers. They do a decent breakfast even though they have no kitchen facilities, but they do well with their range of sandwiches and coffee.

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Why should you care?

If you live in Wavell Heights or you go through the area on the way to work, it is a great place to grab a takeaway coffee. Parking is easier than at the well known cafe spots, and you will be back on the way to your desk fast. If you are a local, for a weekend coffee in the morning, you will struggle to find somewhere as good locally too.

194 Edinburgh Castle Rd
Wavell Heights

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3 thoughts on “Strong long black from Retro Espresso”

  1. I just discovered this place about two weeks ago and on my second visit the barista there already knew my coffee type and how many sugars I have. I love this.

    It is out of my way on my transit to work at Chermside, but I keep going back for the friendly service and their awesome lattes.

  2. This is the best coffee in Brisbane…. i travel a all the way from wilston to get coffee at retro!
    Great staff and friendly service.

  3. These guys are awesome, only just discovered this place and I already note a very heavy regular following. Lovely to chat with randoms who appreciate a decent cup of coffee

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