GW Private Room Coffee and Yogurt

Coffee, Yoghurt and a Haircut

GW Private Room Coffee and Yoghurt
GW Private Room Coffee and Yoghurt

GW Private Room is the first hairdresser I’ve been to that offers wine as well as tea or coffee. They also do breakfast. It is a neat little place in Festival Towers with free parking for customers and one of the coolest two level layouts I have seen. Hannah recommended the place, and it was a great choice.

They also serve black coffee in a glass. It and the yoghurt arrived on a rectangular plate as they got to work on my hair. It is actually harder than you think to eat and get your hair cut without getting hair in your food.

The coffee was OK but the glass was too hot. I guess this is why no-one else serves black coffee in something so conductive. Since they have massage chairs for the customers to sit in while they get their hair washed, I don’t plan to hold this against them.

The haircut was very good, the coffee was very ordinary, but overall in terms of service, GW Private Room does stand out.
89 Charlotte Street
Oaks Festival Towers
Brisbane | CBD

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