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Long black at Nero Espresso

Nero Espresso
Nero Espresso

Wavell Heights has changed a little since the 1990’s. The housing prices have gone up, and the shops on the corner of Rode and Pfingst Road keep on changing. The bakery with their much loved pies and croissants is still there next to the Chinese takeaway, but across the road there is now a beauty parlour, a hairdresser and a new cafe, Nero Espresso.

Nero Espresso does a nice breakfast; I am rather fond of the egg and bacon sandwich. The cafe feels cosy and the decor is done in warm browns and reds with a well done feature wall. A box of children’s toys and a dogs’ water bowl by the door sit well with its laid-back, suburban feel.

The coffee does stand out a lot more in my mind though. Nero Espresso make a strong long black using a locally roasted bean called Velocity, done by Octane Coffee Co. I had mine with a single sugar, and I found it had a nice, strong, slightly rough flavour. It was good made at home with a stovetop percolator too.

Nero Espresso is one of a number of new cafes opening up in Wavell Heights and the surrounding area. As housing prices go up, and the demographics of the area change, there will inevitably be more coffee, and dinning options locally.

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Nero Espresso is open monday to friday from 7am to 4pm and on the weekend, 8am to 2pm. It is located on the corner of Rode and Pfingst Road.