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Alegria for Coffee on Park Rd

Alegria on Park Road
Alegria on Park Road

Finding a coffee on Park Road is not hard. Finding a good one isn’t a problem either. There is always La Dolce Vita, and most of the other cafes are worth trying too. Including a brand new one called Alegria Mediterranean Bistro & Bar, just next to La Dolce.

It is actually more restaurant than cafe, and their tapas menu is certainly worth checking out, but they also do good coffee. Alegria serves Moak coffee. I enjoyed the long black; it was strong, though a little bitter. Alegria also had a range of biscuits, some of which were made by one of the proprietors’ mothers. It is amazing how good someone can be at baking after a few decades’ experience, as my own Greek grandmother’s biscuits demonstrate as well.

Alegria Mediterranean Bistro & Bar
Shop 11, 20 Park Road
Milton QLD 4064