Rhino Espresso at Wooloowin

Wooloowin Rhino Espresso
Wooloowin Rhino Espresso

Rhino Espresso is now open next to the Wooloowin train station too. There is another Rhino Espresso open in Northgate, and by the looks of it, the one in Wooloowin is very much the same. Rhino Espesso is very much a commuter cafe. Located right next to a train station and across the road from the car park, the cafe gets it’s share of early morning customers. It is even on the right side of the road for inbound traffic to stop and pick up a coffee.

Rhino Espresso on Dickson Street
Rhino Espresso on Dickson Street

The cafe itself is open to the street and is loosely defined by a bar just in front of the counter. If it was not for the tables just in front of this, it would more or less be an espresso bar. They use Piazzo Doro beans, and beyond that there isn’t a lot to say about the coffee. The large long black with an extra shot I grabbed that morning was not overpowering or watery. Rhino Espresso also offers a range of food. As I didn’t try anything from their menu, so I can’t really comment on it.

Rhino Espresso is almost the ideal commuter cafe. It is in a great location, while not brilliant, the coffee is good. The prices are unremarkable and in line with most other cafes and there is no reason not to grab your coffee there if you do plan to catch a train from Wooloowin. I just don’t think I would go out of my way if it was the weekend.


  • Most certainly a commuter cafe
  • Does both food and coffee

Rhino Espresso
7 Dickson st
Wooloowin, 4030

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One thought on “Rhino Espresso at Wooloowin”

  1. I live less than 100 metres from there and have often thought about headinding
    Down with friends for a bite to eat and a coffee. Today 21/02/2014 i did exactly
    That. And it was the worst coffee i have ever had. I specifically asked for a Large
    Extra shot Flat white. And in return got a cup of warm milk. If your product is coffee
    Then get it right!! Also Im starting to wonder how much money you would lose!! Because
    I love heading out for a bite to eat and a good coffee, so do my friends
    If the coffeee was even just good i would have come back with friends and returned.
    But no.. this is a let down! I wanted to walk back and place the coffee on the counter and ask Why? And how could you fuck up pretty much the only product you have!!!

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