Illy long black on the coast

Illy Cafe long black
Illy Cafe long black

As a part of my job, I was sent down to the Gold Coast for the day to take some video and photos for use online.   It was a long, hot day, and I really do not like sand.  However, I did find something that I liked. There is an Illy caffe on the Gold Coast.

I found it on Surfers Paradise Boulevard situated amongst the fashion shops.  It has been a while since I was able to visit the Illy caffe on Eagle Street in the CBD in Brisbane, so I was very eager to take a break and grab a long black.

And why this matters

Illy does a very nice coffee blend, and their branded cafes are very good at demonstrating this.  Their look and feel are also very polished, and while their menu is also very limited, there is a real emphasis on good quality ingredients.  So, an Illy cafe is usually a very safe choice if you are after a good coffee.

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One thought on “Illy long black on the coast”

  1. They might know how to make black coffee, but they sure dont know how to make an iced coffee.

    It was undrinkable. My first time trying illy coffee, and I have heard great things about it. Shame to see it being spoiled by pre-brewed coffee in their iced coffee. Hope the owners read this so they can improve.

    Im very disappointed and wont be back.

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