Fuscia Breakfast and Coffee

Fuscia Big Breakfast
Fuscia Big Breakfast

Lavazza is used in a lot of cafes. Someone once told me that it is one of the harder coffees to screw up. The barista at Fuscia could have made a decent coffee with almost anything though.

Their big breakfast was good too. It comes with the usual sausages, eggs, mushrooms, toast, tomato and spinach. They were also very generous when I asked to swap out the eggs for more mushrooms.

You won’t be able to go for breakfast during the week, as they are only open for lunch and dinner between Monday and Friday. Fuscia has also won a number of business and food awards since 1997.

What is the payoff?

For a weekend breakfast with nice food and coffee, Fuscia is a place to check out. The dinner menu looks good and the cafe is easy to get to and has decent parking.

Cnr Audrey & Wardell St

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