Multiple coffees with multiple blends at Dandelion & Driftwood

Dandelion and Driftwood for Coffee
Dandelion and Driftwood for Coffee

They were wearing weskits. All of them. That was the first thing that I noticed at Dandelion and Driftwood. The cafe itself looked like someone’s caffeine-fuelled Victorian corner store with enough technology to add a hint of steampunk. Dandelion & Driftwood is located on Gerler Road in Hendra on Brisbane’s northside, just near Mario @ the Dining Room. A real coffee geek I know, the manager of Medium Roast Coffees subscription box, was raving about the place last week, and as he both knows more than me and strongly recommended the place, I had to check it out.

The staff uniforms, with a mix of ties, striped aprons and weskits, and the fully functional coffee brewing paraphernalia scattered around the store and counter were not the only noteworthy thing there. Awesome decor and attentive service aside, the coffee itself is great. They feature a number of different brewing methods as well as different blends.

Driftwood Blend
Driftwood Blend

Driftwood blend

First was a long black with the Driftwood blend, with a ham and cheese croissant on the side. I liked it. It is similar to most standard blends in its body and acidity. There was a card detailing the blend propped on the side of the cup, which does a far better job of describing the coffee than I could. Peter, the proprietor, recommended that I try out one of their single origin blends next. They had two on offer, the El Salvador San Emilio, and another from Guatemala. He recommended the El Salvador San Emilio as the best one for black coffee.

El Salvador San Emilio
El Salvador San Emilio

El Salvador San Emilio

Next was the El Salvador San Emilio. It was different to the Driftwood Blend and had a much lighter flavour, so other elements of the bean came out stronger. Peter took a few minutes to explain the coffee itself and apparently one of the significant differences between this and the other blend was that it’s semi-washed. Apparently this made for a more balanced flavour where no single element overpowered the bean. Fortunately this coffee, like the one before, came with another card, detailing what it was, describing its flavours, where it was grown and how it was processed.

Guatemala Acate Antiqua
Guatemala Acate Antiqua

Guatemala Acate Antiqua

The last bean I had was the Guatemala Acate Antiqua, along with a small chocolate friand. This was an interesting bean, best suited to a milk coffee, as per the accompanying card, due to its bitterness, but it had some really interesting flavours with it. Again, they are covered very well and in detail on the little card with which the coffee was served.

There was one more blend I did not try, and it was their Dandelion Blend. Peter explained that they get two new single origin coffees each week. While the El Salvador and the Guatemala beans won’t be there for long (Peter mentioned that there were some Kenyan and Costa Rican beans forthcoming) , the two house blends, Driftwood and Dandelion, will be.

Dandelion and Driftwood will have been open for just two weeks on the 24th October, and already it’s very busy. They combine an outstanding product with a great customer experience in a pleasant and convenient location, so this should not be a real surprise. It helps that the cafe is run by people who obviously love coffee and love to share that with the customers, no matter how busy they are.


  • Great coffee, with new single origin beans each week
  • Unique look and atmosphere
  • Passionate owners who just love coffee

Dandelion and Driftwood
1/45 Gerler Rd
Brisbane QLD 4011
(07) 3868 4559
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My6sense on Android

My6Sense for Android
My6Sense for Android

My6Sense is one of the most used apps I have installed on my phone. It combines Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and RSS feeds in the one place and sorts it based on user behaviour.

The app is good at following links from Google Buzz and Twitter. Facebook and Google Buzz comments are supported, and so are likes. The app can also share any content through Google Buzz, Twitter and Facebook, as well as whatever options the phone can provide.

The biggest problem I had with My6Sense was the lack of good OPML support for importing my feeds on Google Reader. As a result my install of My6Sense is biased towards Google Buzz and Facebook. My6Sense also comes preloaded with a range of ‘Popular Feeds’, which are easily removed.

My6Sense’s ‘Digital Intuition’ and how the app’s learning process is tracked for the user is really cool. The ‘Your Digital Intuition’ progress bar encourages the user to continue to use My6Sense by giving feedback on activity and managing the user’s expectations with the one feature.

It would also be great if it could mark Google Reader feeds as read and if there was a mechanism for dropping Tweets, Google Buzz and Facebook updates faster out of the relevant list as their value drops faster than a blog post.

My6Sense is a very good app for skimming through and managing the large volume of content most people end up being buried in.


  • Makes it easy to quickly browse through feeds, which is great for mobile phone usage.
  • Lets you know how good it thinks it is at sorting your feeds.

The RBWH coffee cart & broken bones

Long Black at the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital
Long Black at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital

A few weeks ago I broke my arm. It was a compound fracture of both my ulna and radius and I did it while walking the bar out from the rack at a powerlifting meet. I was setting up for my second squat of the day when I heard two snaps. Those were my bones. At least my first squat attempt of the day had been good.

As a result, and thanks to some prompting from some guy who works in Emergency there, when the paramedics asked where I wanted to go I said the Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital (RBWH). I spent the next few days there for a spot of surgery followed by periodic visits to the fracture clinic, as well as physio appointments at Inspire Atlanta, after I was discharged. That was when I discovered that there is a coffee cart outside the food court.

Since the physio clinic starts on time I am often early enough to get a coffee from the coffee cart, which is really great after my work out, that I do using a pilates ball URBNFIT at home. I first had one from here when my sisters came to pick me up after the surgery. They got me an XL long black and brought it up to the ward while I was waiting to see if I could get discharged. Between surgery the night before and a number of very good painkillers, I was in no position to judge it at the time.

But I am now. They use Piazza D’Oro beans and while the result does not do them any favours, it is very drinkable. It was sold at city prices, but was closer to a suburban Coffee Club standard. However your options are pretty limited, because the only other option is the Nescafe cafe near the entrance, and I was not about to try that place out.

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